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Artemis is a real time application that is used to currently control Phillips Hue lights and is in a rough state for a notekeeping/task app, but is planned to expand to control things such as a tv or other things. Google home integration is also in the works currently. I work on Artemis together with a friend as part of RonnocTech

View the HUD here

Under Construction

This is a HUD that can be customized and displayed on a monitor using the Raspberry Pi and a 2 way mirror, more info can be found here.

6ner Industries

Under Construction

This is a website I made for my dad. He is using it to sell products online. Everything is there except payments.

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Currently Being Redesigned

I work with a friend on projects, and RonnocTech is the organization our projects are under. My friend Connor started RonnocTech and I helped to develop a small part of the website. RonnocTech also does tech support and web design. You can visit RonnocTech to see some of the things we've done.

Eventually I hope to put some of my school related work here, but for now its just a description. Some of my relevant coursework includes Java development and work with databases through MySQL. Some specific things I've built are Java GUIs to interface and get data from a database, along with a basic paint program.